Flood Damage Restoration

Is Long Beach at Risk of Flooding?

Floods are amongst the most devastating natural disasters. They can happen out of nowhere and wreak havoc to your property.

The number of flood-related disasters has increased by 134% since the year 2000. In the Los Angeles County, over 1.3 million people are living in the flood-prone area

In the city of Long Beach specifically, flooding risks are high. There is an exposed population of around 208,000 people. That’s almost a half of the entire Long Beach population. 

This is why our professionals are enduring constant training and education so that when a disaster strikes, they’re ready to help our fellow citizens get back on track and have a safe and enjoyable property they deserve handed back to them.

What to Do During Flooding

DOs of Flooding:

  • Evacuate everyone
  • Keep up with local news.
  • Submit a flood insurance claim.
  • Follow the CDC’s guidelines for reentering your flooded house.
  • Turn off the power, gas, and water supplies.
  • Pick up only personal necessities.
  • Call a professional flood damage restoration company to recover the property

DON’Ts of Flooding:

  • Acting as a hero
  • Entering the floodwater
  • Attempting to save as many items as possible or carry large objects
  • Getting into seriously damaged rooms
  • Using electronic devices
  • Eating the contaminated food
  • Attempting to repair the damage on your own
disaster restoration technician

Best Flood Restoration in the Area

If you’ve experienced flood damage, the crucial thing is making sure you and your family are physically safe and out of danger.

After that, you should start dealing with water damage that the flood caused.

Water damage caused by flooding is categorized as Category 3 water damage, which means that it possess significant health risks to anyone exposed to it. 

This is why it’s imperative that you leave the repairs to a professional flood and water damage restoration company. Call International City Water Damage Restoration today!